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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Tarragon Events and Concierge is acting as a strategic partner for Leaders without borders to facilitate travel arrangements for a 2-day conference and awards in Dubai for the Africa-Dubai Investment Business Summit & International Honors 2022 @ Hotel Raffles, Dubai.
The terms of this contract are as follows;

1. Participants will have to make 100% payment by 15th October to prevent price changes as communicated on our website.
2. VIP and awardee category who opts for business class or 5 star hotels will be given the extra cost associated to their preferences, as all our packages stated here are for economy class tickets and 3 & 4 star hotels based on availability and first come first serve basis.
3. In the event that the applicant decides to cancel travel plans by 30th October,70% of payment will be refunded.
4. Any cancellation after 30th October will receive 50% refund.
5. For awardees, who are unable to be present at the event for any reason, will still have their awards presented in absentia and later delivered to their home country, however, an amount of 50% for the conference will be retained and the balance refunded.

Kindly ensure you agree to the terms and conditions before you sign your initiations.

NB: Kindly note that Tarragon Events and Concierge Services are just acting on behalf of the foreign company for this particular event, and is nowhere a travel agency or a partner with regards to.