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Dr. Genevieve Duncan And Other Renowned Ghanaians Honored at The New Africa Leaders Summit ’23

Among the 100 iconic African Leaders who were called to the Legendary African Leaders Hall of Fame on July 20, 2023, were distinguished individuals such as Hon Dr. Henry Kwabena Kokofu – Esq, Chairman General Kwami Sefa-kayi, Dr. Genevieve Duncan Obuobi, Dr. John A. Kumah, Dr. Victor Abbey, Nii Amankra-Tetteh, Julian Opuni, Dr. Stella Agyenim-Boateng, Farouk Khailann, Dr. Dominic Oduro, and many other notable Ghanaians.

The esteemed event, organized by The New Africa Magazine, aimed to celebrate outstanding African icons from various fields. The event commenced with insightful panel discussions on a range of topics at the luxurious Alisa Hotel on July 19, and wrapped with a Gala night and Hall of Fame.

In a thought-provoking speech at the recent event, Dr. Genevieve passionately addressed the audience on the critical aspects that hold the key to shaping the future of Africa. With a special emphasis on women-led businesses and the youth, Dr. Genevieve shed light on the transformative power of collaboration and the vital role of knowledge seeking in propelling the continent towards prosperity and progress.

The Power of Collaboration

Dr. Genevieve’s first call to action centered around breaking down the barriers of competition and embracing collaboration, especially for women in business. She advocated for a collective effort, where successful individuals and enterprises come together to uplift and support each other. Collaboration, she argued, has the potential to amplify the impact of every business, fostering an environment of shared growth and success.


In a continent as diverse as Africa, collaboration is not merely an option; it is a necessity. By transcending geographical, cultural, and sectoral boundaries, businesses and individuals can share resources, knowledge, and expertise, ultimately leading to innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges. Collaboration also empowers marginalized voices, giving women-led businesses and the youth a stronger foothold in the market and society.

From Competition to Collaboration

Dr. Genevieve urged women entrepreneurs to shift their perspective from viewing each other as competitors to seeing one another as allies in a larger mission. By replacing competition with collaboration, women can collectively harness their talents and experiences to create a more inclusive and empowering entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Knowledge: The Key to Empowerment

The second crucial point in this panel discussion raised by Dr. Genevieve emphasized the significance of knowledge seeking. The dynamic nature of the world demands constant learning, and the African youth must actively seek knowledge to equip themselves with the skills necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape.


Dr. Genevieve lamented the underwhelming attendance of the event’s knowledge-sharing sessions, contrasting it with the expected influx of attendees for the gala night. She urged the young audience to reverse this trend and prioritize knowledge-seeking activities over fleeting entertainment. With the internet offering an abundance of educational resources, access to knowledge has never been easier. Dr. Genevieve encouraged the youth to leverage this opportunity to their advantage.

Empowering African Youth Through Knowledge

Knowledge empowers the youth to challenge conventional wisdom, innovate, and create new possibilities for Africa’s future. By equipping themselves with diverse knowledge and skills, young people can become the driving force behind the continent’s growth and development. Moreover, knowledge fosters critical thinking, encouraging young minds to question existing norms and envision a more sustainable and inclusive Africa.

A Call to Action

Dr. Genevieve’s speech resonates as a call to action for all Africans, especially women entrepreneurs and the youth. Embracing collaboration and actively seeking knowledge can become the catalysts that drive Africa towards becoming a beacon of progress and prosperity.

As a continent blessed with vast resources, diverse cultures, and dynamic young minds, Africa has the potential to unleash its true potential through unity, cooperation, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. By supporting each other and investing in education and personal growth, Africans can collectively take charge of their destiny and build a brighter future for generations to come.

“Let us heed Dr. Genevieve’s inspiring words and embark on a journey of collaboration and knowledge-seeking, transforming Africa into a continent that is not only celebrated for its wealth of resources but also for its resilient, innovative, and empowered people. Together, we can make a lasting impact and shape a future that is nothing short of extraordinary.”

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