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Terms and Conditions

Tarragon Events and Concierge is acting as a strategic partner for FV Global Consult to facilitate a 3 – day executive masterclass in Ghana, West Africa.
The terms of this contract are as follows:

Participants will register either through our link or directly by calling phone numbers on the flyer.
Pay through any of the stated payment channels provided.
Receive a mail confirmation to notify participate with details of the upcoming masterclass.
In the event that the Participant cancels the reservation for attending, 15% of the total amount will be surcharged for administrative purposes. Reservations cancelled after 15th March, 2023 cannot be refunded,but participants can use that for any other executive masterclass in the future if the cost are the same,but will top up with difference in the case a master class of choice has a higher cost.

Kindly ensure you agree to the terms and conditions before you submit .

NB: Kindly note that Tarragon Events and Concierge Services are just acting on behalf of the FV Global Consult for this particular event, and is nowhere an agency or a partner with regards to other services pertaining to the client, other than the 3-day Masterclass being organized in Ghana from 29th to 31st March, 2023.