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Hotel Sourcing

Hotel Sourcing

Finding the ideal hotel for your upcoming meeting or event can be a challenging task. A plethora of minor details can quickly slow down your search and waste valuable time, in addition to the usual technicalities that demand your attention, such as room capacity or nightly rates.

This is why our staff at Tarragon Edge Events & Concierge is more than willing to handle your hotel sourcing and event venue research on your behalf. We can not only relieve you of the stress associated with conducting research, evaluating hotels, and choosing the ideal location for your needs, but we also have the knowledge and experience required to see the entire process through without charging you any additional fees. Our hotel sourcing management is complimentary when you use our meeting planning and conference management services.

We can help you contact locations, confirm their availability, tour meeting spaces and event venues, and properly sort through your notes to ensure the right selection never gets lost in the shuffle, whether you are hosting locally or internationally. Our hotel sourcing management is a full RFP service, which means we are involved in every step of the process, from initial research to on-site visits—either with you or on your behalf.

Above all, we will go to any length to ensure that you find a venue that matches the tone, personality, and vibe of your event. We know what questions to ask and which problems to flag as a team of experienced hotel sourcing managers and event venue research consultants. If a hotel fails to meet your expectations, we are more than willing to negotiate on your behalf to create a better arrangement that meets your requirements.

All of this aligns with Tarragon Edge Events & Concierge’s core values. Our hotel sourcing management team recognizes that event venue and meeting space planning, regardless of scale, can be extremely stressful for our clients. As a result, we are constantly striving to improve our service and streamline our workflow, allowing you to see beyond the production and into the actual content of your event. To find out more, contact our event venue research team today and discover everything our hotel sourcing services have to offer your upcoming event, meeting, or conference.

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