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The AMOSA ’99 Legacy Project has set its sight on a transformative endeavor – the construction of an ultra-modern school entrance and security gate. We firmly believe that this project will not only serve as a testament to our commitment to the values instilled in us during our time at Aggrey but also significantly improve the safety and aesthetic appeal of our school.

In support of this noble initiative, AMOSA ’99 invites both individuals and year groups to contribute according to their capacity and willingness. We have established three contributing categories:


    We gladly welcome contributions in kind, such as Cement Bags, Iron Rods, Cement Blocks and Stone Chippings, which will be instrumental in the construction process.

    The project represents a unique opportunity for us to give back to the institution that played a pivotal role in shaping our lives. It is our chance to leave an enduring mark on the legacy of Aggrey, and we humbly request your support to make this vision a reality.


    All members, year group’s and sponsors will be profoundly recognised and appreciated by inscribing their names on a plaque at the entrance during the commissioning of the project and if possible a certificate of appreciation to contributors and sponsors. We humbly appeal to all members to heed the clarion call to give back to our beloved alma mater in the form of reconstructing the Aggrey entrance and security Gate.