Tarragon Events and Concierge is acting as a strategic partner for Leaders Without Borders to facilitate travel arrangements for a 2 -day business summit in USA.
The terms of this contract are as follows:

70% payment to be paid before invitation is granted. If visa is refused, 50% of funds will be retained and the 20% refunded for any payment received for the regular cost of conference. If for any other reason Visa is received but participant cancels the event attendance, there shall be no refund.

Tickets and Hotels reserved for within the period of April to June, 2024 can be cancelled without a charge, however after this date there will be a charge per the hotel and airline penalty charges and balance refunded.

Any refund will be made in two ways: available for future programs on a 10% discount or paid 60 days after the event paid for due to reconciliations

Kindly ensure you agree to the terms and conditions before you submit.

NB: Kindly note that Tarragon Events and Concierge Services are just acting on behalf of the foreign company for this particular event, and is nowhere a travel agency or a partner with regards to other services pertaining to the client, other than the 2-day event in USA.

Appointments for Interview slot currently takes a while, so we advise urgency in the application process for all participants